Friday, 20 April 2012

Seo Reselling Is The Answer

A full-blown recession appears to be around the corner, & fingers are pointing at President Obama’s failure to curtail the growing rate of unemployment as of the major causes. People are settling for jobs that need longer hours & offer lower pay--sometimes as tiny as one-fourth of what they used to make. Money set aside as savings & money received as part of a severance package appears to be jogging out & yet, no jobs are in sight. This is the mournful reality in our country today.
People will say that this is the worst time to start a business. & for the most part, I would agree. However, having a business of your own could very well be the only way to counterpunch recession.
Every business needs capital, & having no money to start you on our way is the foremost concern for those of you who are thinking about setting up shop by yourself. Well, think it or not, there is a business that needs no start-up capital: It’s called SEO Reselling. You’ve probably heard of it but, like most others, stay doubtful of the business. That may perhaps be because you have not heard of White Label SEO yet.
White Label SEO is fundamentally an agreement between the SEO provider/vendor & the aspiring SEO Reseller that allows the applicant/reselling aspirant to get the service without spending a giant amount of money. It does not need the applicant to pay for application fees or put up the money for a down payment; all you need to do is to understand & learn the business & sign a contract to become a legitimate SEO Reseller.
On signing the contract, you automatically become an SEO Reseller. The SEO Seller will provide training that will help you understand & get accustomed to the business. After several classroom- & field-based training sessions, you will need to go out & find businesses that may have an interest in using SEO services. One time your client’s sign up for these services, you then return to your SEO seller & hell get SEO started.
What’s great about this setup is that your client will always stay your client, because the White Label SEO agreement prohibits the SEO seller from stealing reseller clients. White Label SEO also lets you wholly own your business & keep your SEO seller hidden from your clients. Moreover, you pay the SEO provider only when your client has paid you, or when the first optimization method is successfully conducted.
In lieu of wasting your time obsessing over the state of the economy, you will be better off beginning your own Reselling business today.

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