Friday, 20 April 2012

SEO Reseller India

Who ought to be our SEO reseller?
New Step now offers best opportunity to start your own SEO Business which hassle free & high revenue stream. You can add additional business line under your portfolio or outsource your SEO over load to us for quality & timely delivery of your SEO projects. Lots of giant SEO brands use New Step SEO services to cut down cost & to maintain the quality with fast result oriented service. New Step is widely known for its quality & SEO ethics.
Today SEO Business has immense potential. Every web-site needs SEO & so its demand of SEO is growing & regarded as of the main part in any business plan & marketing strategy. So in case you are looking for a solid & trusted partner to conduct SEO for your sites & your clients then you are at right place. In case you are a
  • Web Hosting Company
  • Web Design Company
  • Web Development Company
  • Advertising Company
  • Marketing Agency/Firm
  • Internet Marketing Consultant
  • PR Firm
  • SEO Company
  • Other Business Consultant
  • Or if you just want to start fresh SEO company and consider SEO as good opportunity.
What is the preliminary Cost to be New Step Reseller?
You can think about cross product/services selling to your existing customers. So don’t accept tiny commissions through associates and referrals then add more business line and profitable revenue source to business.
Typical SEO Reseller Program:
Zero! Yes it’s true they don’t charge you to be our reseller and could not find even reason why ought to they charge you and for what. When you join as our reseller it’s beneficial to both of us then why ought to only you pay. When you resell any of our services you make funds they also make funds. You market our services; get clients you pay as you sell so there's no strings attached.
Normally plenty of still today don’t know what is SEO and what are its advantages and they still feel if they have excellent looking net site they will get plenty of customers. As these type of customers are in direct contact with you can describe them and convert them in to your SEO customer as well. This will add additional stream of income on every month basis and it keeps growing.
  • Your new or existing client shows interest in SEO - Search Engine Optimization.
  • You recommend them SEO plans and price including details of what’s included.
  • The client understands and agrees what he will get for said price and you place the order at our website under your reseller account.
  • We start working on your selected plans and send you detail reports under your own brand that you have to pass on to your customers.
  • Your client benefits from results and top rankings and he keeps coming to you and you in turn come to us. So now you have started one flow of $$ on regular basis.
How you can make payments?
You can pay us by Paypal, Credit card using 2checkout or any Indian Banks, debit cards, net transfer etc. You can add money to your account and use them as you use or pay as you order.
Why select us?
New Step offers reliable and effective SEO services and regarded as of the TOP SEO service provider. They have been working for large number of clients all over world which includes big-mid-small companies and have resellers to strengthen our power and help us spread across the boundaries. They don’t need your client knowledge, you manage your clients, sell our services as whatever cost you need, have complete gives control over your own clientele base which is indeed a largest asset for any company. They have proper CRM in place and none of our staff members get your or your clients contact details. New Step remains anonymous SEO service provider.
  • Big Profits – SEO can be a hugely profitable industry
  • You sell our services at whatever prices you want to the end client
  • SEO is in demand today, ask yourself if there is no traffic can any website make any sales?
  • We assure 100% Confidentiality and Secrecy to be maintained throughout.
  • Our prices are very low for high quality services so you earn more and compete with almost any SEO service provider.
  • Add additional monthly Income Stream to your portfolio.
  • Enhances your Customer Relationships your customers don’t have to look anywhere else.
Now you are getting more interest and idea as what’s all this about and you’re probably may be wondering how you can get started?

So how to get started and be our Reseller, it is very easy, just register and start selling.

We are easily available at your figure tips via live chat, skype or a phone call.