Friday, 20 April 2012

Run Your Own Business Selling White Label Seo

Being a search engine optimisation (SEO) reseller allows for you to offer the services from Rating Solutions to plenty of businesses. Rating Solutions specialise in white label SEO, white label is where services are sold by another business & appear to belong to that business & in essence this is the reseller program as the reseller will sell the SEO that is done by Rating Solutions but their clients think it is the reseller who is providing them with the SEO service.
In the event you are successful in becoming an SEO reseller you will be given you own net site & domain name, you will be self employed & run your own business which offers the search engine optimisation services offered by Rating Solutions. You will be selling Rating Solutions SEO services to local businesses under your own business name. When you become an SEO reseller your clients won't require to know that you are an SEO reseller unless you require to tell them, Rating Solutions will act as your in house team & will feed directly to you. All business documents & invoices will have your own company logo on & will be sent directly from you, as far as your clients are aware you provide the service yourself.
You will receive a breakdown of the services & a quotation of costs for the services provided so that when you offer the SEO to your clients you can add your commission on to the cost of the SEO services. How much you charge in total is up to you, so you can add commission at whatever rate you like. The clients pay you directly & so you then must pay Rating Solutions for the SEO services they have provided for your client.
You do not require an extensive knowledge of search engine optimisation you will require a basic knowledge so that you can successfully sell SEO services. You will be expected to sell SEO services to numerous businesses in your geographical area so as to optimise your local potential. Rating Solutions will give you all the technical assistance you may require & all the tools necessary for selling SEO services successfully. SEO is the use of ethical techniques to give an online site a high rating on the search engines so as to give it a better web presence & for the company to gain more business from their net site. Ethical SEO techniques are techniques which follow the guidelines set out be the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo & Bing.
There's sides to SEO on page & off page, on page SEO is work carried out that you can see taking effect as it includes the alteration of your net site & the content, off page SEO work is carried out behind the scenes so to speak & so you cannot see the effect it's on your net site by taking a look at it. Through the creation of back links to business directories the search engines can pick up that your net site is relevant to the search terms you wish for your net site to be recognized under.
The service from Rating Solutions is designed to offer you unbeatable results alongside a dedicated & committed service from the resellers to make the resources services work for them, so that they can sell them to the best of their ability. The understanding of the foundation of the details needed to tailor a service to plenty of businesses & to be able to tend to any requests made be resellers & clients is what makes Rating Solutions known as a trusted white label SEO company.

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