Friday, 20 April 2012

Scrutinizing Your End Clients

Although finish clients are your resellers business, it is still your responsibility as an SEO provider (as who will conduct the optimization process) to scrutinize them. SEO reselling is a partnership business & you are not required to ruin your business because of mistake in your finish client screening process.
 Finish client screening is as important as screening your SEO resellers, for hiring or accepting a reseller in your team automatically makes their finish clients part of your business & them as your business partner.
 Scrutinizing your finish client is part of your SEO Reselling screening process.
 Since you cannot directly communicate to your finish clients, scrutinizing them will happen in the work of the SEO reselling screening process (preliminary interview). For this matter, aspiring resellers ought to have a list of unsigned (without ongoing & existing optimization deals with other SEO companies) prospect clients on completion of their reselling application forms or in the work of the screening process date. This is not only to see the candidate’s sincerity for the business but also to help identify his/her vision & aim as a reseller. This list of prospect clients serves as a listing to organize your future SEO business & to conduct an efficient finish client screening process.
 Screening finish clients through your Resellers list
 Some resellers pick their clients according to niche (i.e. they focus only on a specific niche, e.g. reselling only dentist clinics; they group their clients according to niche), & some through locality, while some do not think about focusing on a specific industry or locality & basically operate on a less systematic manner.
 Ideally, resellers with grouped or focused potential clients are simpler to handle & more convenient to team-up with, for they are the categories who have an organizational flow on their own methods, which is significant to any business strategy. Grouped & focused finish clients are simpler to handle as well, for it will help your future SEO processes (link building, keyword research, etc) to work effectively. In fact, as long as the Private Label SEO contract is yet to be signed or agreed on by both parties, you (as a company owner & provider) have the right to inquire in to & look in to your client’s professional details, including his preliminary & partial client list. You require to take advantage of the interview/screening process because it is your only chance to be informed about their potential customers. One time both parties have signed the Private Label agreement, the SEO provider ought to adhere to what’s written on the contract, & ought to forbid himself or the company to communicate & transact along with his resellers first-hand customers.

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